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He also makes an appearance in their Infinity Gauntlet game and their Comic Combat game. He had to cut off his hand to avoid dying. He has a daughter named Valentina Santis, and with her they tried to brainwash the president. In this animated film, Red Skull is the main antagonist. One of his agents named Taskmaster revealed to the Captain that he was going to betray Red Skull and take over the world.

Here, he was trapped in a time vortex with his hated nemesis, Captain America, and is the father of Electro. He also was the main antagonist of Season 5. In the un-produced Captain America animated series, the Red Skull would have been the main antagonist. Here, he was voiced by Steve Blum. He has the same backstory as he once did, and he ended up releasing "Sleepers" onto New York. He leads a group of Marvel villains Whiplash , Venom , and M. Fortunately, Phineas and Ferb, along with their friends, manage to retrieve the lost powers and restore them back to the heroes, who then defeat Red Skull and his allies and send them into S.

He was dying due to the imperfection of the super-soldier serum that transformed him, so he attacks Captain America and teleports him to a HYDRA base with a laser gun Tony thought Skull had killed him. Hulk ended up being weakened, but he was eventually thwarted. Red Skull is a boss in the game Captain America: Super Soldier, where his story is pretty much the same as the cinematic film.

Red Skull appears in Avengers Academy. He ends up being stopped and reveals that there is more. Red Skull is one of the many characters in the Marvel: Conquest of Champions video game. He later resurfaces and takes control of many criminal organizations. He is eventually defeated again. Red Skull is one of the many playable characters in Marvel Duel. He was personally trained by Hitler to be a super soldier Nazi.

Red Skull mostly kept his body physically fit prior to his first death and after having his conscious placed within a clone. Aside from his experience with fighting, Red Skull is also proficient with the use of several fire-arms, auto-matics, rifles, knives, and any other forms of weaponry that he feels to be useful for his needs.

Red Skull is very well-known for his ability to produce elaborate schemes and his display of strategy. Aside from his ability to produce elaborate plans, Red Skull does have knowledge and experience within the fields of leadership and is known to be extremely manipulative. Probably the one thing that does make Red Skull extremely dangerous is the massive amount of resources and connections he has with various groups, organizations, and other characters within the Marvel Universe. After his second revival and taking the identity known as Mr.

Smith, Red Skull developed access within just about everything place throughout the world, even reaching access into the White House itself. Funding several groups and holding his own division that consisted a representative from each group he funded, Red Skull was capable of training and creating new costumed heroes and villains, ordering assassinations on any selected target, gain access towards weaponry and equipment, and plus any other desired requests that would serve his own agenda.

With the knowledge he gained from the Cube, Red Skull even knew how to easily transfer his conscious in and out of the Cube. The clone Red Skull possessed all of the mental abilities of Professor X, including telepathy and the power to bend the minds and wills of others. See Also Agent Carter Villains. Red Skull , M. Jonah Jameson Venom Mysterio. Jonah Jameson. Comics Absorbing Man A. See Also War Machine Villains. Marvel M. Comics A. Villains Wiki. Villains Wiki Explore.

Top Content. Jester of Chaos BeholderofStuff Valkerone. Credit must be given to the man who killed Captain America and Bucky Barnes. He would die in a fight with the Avengers decades later, but his son would take up the mantle of Baron Zemo. She was saved by S. Since then, she has been on a rampage, the crown jewel of which was summoning Asgardian Cul, God of Fear and brother of Odin, to Earth along with eight magic hammers. She also orchestrated an American Blitzkrieg to sew chaos alongside the coming of Cul.

During this time, she seemed to kill Bucky Barnes, who was Captain America at the time, but he survived and returned to his career as the Winter Soldier. Baron Helmut Zemo became a fixture of Hydra in more recent years. When Steve Rogers became part of Hydra, he considered Helmut Zemo his closest friend and second in command. The Gorgon may be the deadliest warrior to have ever led Hydra. While other leaders of Hydra prefer to have their underlings accomplish tasks, the Gorgon likes to handle his foes personally.

He was the one who had Wolverine brainwashed during the "Enemy of the State" story, and he headed the attempted union between Hydra, the Hand, and A. He was gone from Hydra before it took over the United States and has accepted his mutant birthright on Krakoa. In a way, everything Hydra has done is on the head of Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, as he is the founder of it all.

He organized Hydra during World War II and has managed to stay alive in one way or another in the decades since then. He held the reigns of Hydra until recent years, and he even helped the organization infiltrate and corrupt S. He was killed by Nick Fury Sr. He is a true believer in the Nazi cause. He unleashed the "Red Death" virus that killed countless around Mount Rushmore. The clone was killed by the evil Steve Rogers when he took control of Hydra.

The greatest Hydra leader is obviously the one who won, right? He went to war with Inhumans , the mutants, and Wakanda.

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