skinactive hydra bomb

Skinactive hydra bomb

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Skinactive hydra bomb тор браузер на пк скачать бесплатно gydra


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The serum on the masks was transparent neither too thick nor too thin. Application: Application of the mask is very easy, you are supposed to wear the mask on the face and then peel the blue protective film off. I applied both masks for minutes. It stayed perfectly on my face and at no point i felt it coming off.

After removing the mask , i massaged the serum into my skin. As i have dry skin, i was really excited about this mask. My experience with this mask was bitter sweet. After wearing the mask for minutes i removed the mask. I was super happy at first because my skin felt refreshed and hydrated. It was actually glowing and i absolutely loved it. I applied this mask at night and when i gently massaged the excess serum into my skin , i started to feel itchy in some places on my face.

So, i washed my face and went to sleep. I loved the fruity smell of this mask. Again, after removing the mask i was happy to see my hydrated and glowing skin. This time i decided not to massage the serum into my skin. I was really satisfied with the result of this mask. These masks are worth a try for sure! What it simply means is that your skin will retain its glow for an entire week without needing an extra boost.

It sounds too good to be true. I will say this, if all else fails, your skin will absolutely love the moisture. This mask is soaked in nourishing serum that gives your skin a hydration boost. It takes a few minutes to dry up when you remove the mask. However, as soon as it dries, it tightens the pores giving you a smooth, flawless glow. They also suggest that you wipe off any excess product with a soft cloth but if you can, let it dry on its own. Once you get the face mask out of the package, place it on your face and adjust it to fit your contour.

Let it stay for 15 minutes, remove it, and wipe the excess product. It comes in a pretty, good quality package that ensures there are no leakages. Each face mask has its unique colour that distinguishes them from the other. The soothing mask is pink which also makes the package look appealing. Apart from the brand name and type of face mask, it contains detailed usage instructions with pictures to demonstrate. Each product contains one sheet which is a bit uneconomical. I loved how my skin felt after using the product and there was a visible difference even after several days.

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Skinactive hydra bomb семечки конопли москва

SkinActive - Hydra Bomb Endless Nights Tissue Mask skinactive hydra bomb

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